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Selling a home in Spain - RuralSunProperties
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Finding the right buyer!

First rule of thumb: Don’t try to do it all yourself!

You will need the assistance of a professional Real Estate Agent.

RuralSunProperties can assist you and handle the viewing of the property to interested prospects. Knowing the market we can also advise you to get the price right. Note that a higher price will require some patience. If you want to sell your property quickly, this will be reflected in a lower price. Also keep in mind that between the viewing and actually purchase of a property, the currency exchange rate can fluctuate considerably

RuralSunProperties will see you through the process of:

  • finding a buyer,
  • negotiating the price,
  • making the contract,
  • securing the payment,
  • signing before the notary,
  • paying the necessary taxes,
  • Etc.

Contact us for more detailed information to keep in mind during the process of selling your property in Spain