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Alhama is located in the Guadalentín Valley, sheltered from the Sierras de Espuña and La Muela.

Defensive towers, castles, remains of ramparts, Renaissance palaces and noble houses reflect the long history of this valley. Urbe that the Arabs and the Romans associated with the hot waters that flowed of the mountain range, this characteristic is the one that is going to give the name to the population, because the thermal size of the bath of Alhama.

Witness of noise of the Roman baths, nowadays become archaeological museum. Its construction goes back to the first century, although possibly it continued using the Islamic era. On the rocky cliff that dominates the city the remains of the Arab castle raised in the s. Xll and whose feet has been settling the population. In the tour of the town, the colorful light of the façades of the old mansions, a base of reds, violets, ochres and blues, surprises.

For lovers of hiking and long bike rides, in Alhama is at the entrance of a Sierra Espuña, the most emblematic Regional Park of Murcia. In it, besides the possibility of practicing the hiking and the climbing, there are points of interest like the Wells of the Snow, never circular built between the s. XVI and XVII.

The municipality of Alhama de Murcia covers an area of ​​311.55 km², almost in the center of the Region of Murcia.

Its height above the level of the sea is of 176 meters. The municipal term extends from the peaks of Sierra Espuña to the summit of the Sierra de Carrascoy, crossing the central part of the prelitoral plain murcia known as Guadalentín valley.

The capital of the municipality is about 30 km from the capital of the Region, Murcia and at the same distance from the city of Lorca; 50 km from Cartagena, 22 km from Fuente Álamo de Murcia and 30 km from Mula. In the south direction, it separates the same distance of the beaches of Mazarrón.

Natural landscapes
The relief is the element that characterizes this territory, determines the climate, flora and fauna, and communication routes, and has a significant influence on agricultural and industrial activities.

The municipality of Alhama presents a great diversity of relief: in the central zone it emphasizes a great depression, on it they appear the ramblas, some of the most important are: the Rambla Celada, the Rambla of Los Molinos, or the numerous “ramblillas”, that evacuate the rains the Sierra de La Muela.

The lands of Alhama are fertile and between the cultures predominate: the parrales of grapes of table, orchards of citrus and other fruit trees. The rest of the land is covered with large pine forests of the forest reserves.

Sierra Espuña Regional Park
The regional park of Sierra Espuña is one of the most visited and well-known areas of the Region. Among its vegetation stand out the forests of pine forests, and bushes such as esparto, thyme, rosemary, jara, coscojas and lentiscos. As for the fauna, the richness of birds is perhaps the most outstanding: Real eagle, Bonelli, peregrine falcon or owl are distributed in different natural environments of the sierra. Since 1992, Sierra Espuña has the category of regional park, the highest protection in the Region of Murcia.

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